Beaver Report 2018

The Beavers are continuing to enjoy high numbers and have a waiting list of 10 potential Beavers over the next year.

As always we continue to provide a wide range of activities allowing the Beavers opportunities to have fun while developing skills and advance their learning. Last autumn our Activities included the Explore, Faith and International badges and Emergency Aid 2, Musician 1 and Nights Away 1.

Over January to March this year the Beavers completed the My World Challenge. They worked on Space, Experiment, Hobbies, Collectors, and Creative Activity Badges and Air 1 Staged Activity Badge. This term the Activity Badges included Safety, Global Issues, Photographer and Health & Fitness. Some Beavers took on board Swimmer 1, Animal Friend, Cook and Gardeners badges independently. We are hoping to finish the My Adventure Challenge this coming Tuesday at Granton Beach.

This latest term has also included trips to the Observatory, Go-Outdoors, Starbank Park, a ramble along the Water of Leith, and an evening this week with the coaches from Access Parkour. Our term culminates with a trip to Granton Beach for our end of term Family evening this coming Tuesday.

As always a big Thank You to all the leaders especially Linda and Elspeth and our young Leaders Evie and Magnus who offer up their time and energies to leading the Colony.

Thanks also to the Parents that have helped out and offered their services during this last year.
See you all next term.

John Pentony – Beaver Scout Leader.

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