Cubs Report 2015

It’s another active year for the Cub Pack. If we could measure by badges, then I’d just point to the well-laden left arms that some of our Cubs have. As ever, apologies to the parents who have to spend the time sewing the latest additions to the uniforms.

Autumn 2014 saw a fresh start with a revolving cast of parents joining us to support and educate. There were some phenomenal new activities for us to try, with the programme including cooking, acting, exploring and even the rudiments of computer programming. Every week was an adventure for me as much as for the Cubs, so huge thanks for those who shared their hobbies, interests and careers with us.

Once we got into Winter, the opportunities to get out are pretty limited, so we starting thinking a little more about ourselves and our immediate world. Admittedly, a lot of this was taken up with baking muffins and making mosaic coasters, the latter of which I’m sure are the pride of every Cub’s family home. We also had a chance to tackle the Astronomer badge, with a phenomenal night spent using our new telescope to look at the moon. There was something a little more introspective with the Disability Awareness badge which, I hope, showed the Cubs that they shouldn’t take their abilities for granted…even if it is only the ability to make a sandwich with one hand.

The spring-summer term saw us having an opportunity to do something that we haven’t done for a while, namely get away on camp, thanks to our friends at the 104th ENE. There was only a small group that had the opportunity, but we were all kept busy during a showery weekend, just north of Glasgow. Once we get a well-settled leadership team, then planning will have to start anew to make sure that more of the Pack can get away.

As we move back into Autumn, it’s reassuring to see that we are a healthy, happy and enthusiastic Pack which is the busiest that I’ve ever seen – a full house with 24 members and a modest waiting list. It’s always reassuring to know that our work is being recognised by both the Cubs and their parents, who are happy tor recommend us to their friends.

One thing to be aware of is that the Cubs have a big celebration ahead of them: 2016 will be 100 years since Baden-Powell founded the Wolf Cubs (as they were then known), so things are gearing up for a year of celebrations. The current crop should be very proud that they are they are the latest members of a grand movement.

As always, I really have to say thank you to all the people support the Pack and help me keep the show on the road, whether parents or leaders. Particular thanks for Emma Byrne, who has joined the group as both Beaver and Cub Assistant Leader. Also, a huge acknowledgement to Ruaraidh Campbell, who continues to help out – it’s been a busy year for him, combining Cubs, school and his Duke of Edinburgh, so it’s fair to say that his continued commitment has been welcomed.

Yours in Scouting

Guy (Akela)

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