Cubs Report 2016

It barely seems like any time since the last time I wrote a report – I suppose time really does fly when you’re having fun. Here’s hoping the same is true for the rest of the Cub Pack.

Last time, I noticed that we were the busiest I have ever seen. Well, this year saw us take that even further. We have 26 on the register right now and, it’s fair to say, you can certainly hear it at our meetings. It’s great to see so much going on, even if keeping everyone busy (and within the acceptable sound limit for an airport) poses as much of a challenge as anything else.

Since last time, we’ve had a full spread of activities: from the ambition of the ‘learn-how-to-sew-ona- badge’ night (any luck?), to smoothie making and dancing, all the way through to learning how to play Australian Rules Football…and that was just the Autumn term. Alas, we had to say goodbye to Emma Byrne at this point, as she moved to start her teacher training. She will be much missed, if for no other reason than because she doesn’t shout as loudly as I do.

Once we were through the festive season, we welcomed a new face – Andrew Logue. With a wealth of experience from his own time in Scouts (including time spent at the Kandersteg International Scout Campsite), he’s brought a fresh set of activities and adventures. The Winter term saw us exploring the work of Rabbie Burns, enjoying a miniature Brazilian carnival and even having the first of our Centenary celebrations. A particular treat was an indoor campfire – much fun was had by all as we sang some old favourites and learned a couple of new songs.

As we move into the Spring-Summer term, we’ve been fortunate to have some glorious weather and to get out. The Cubs may-or-may-not have mentioned their challenges for the term, as they work their way towards the Our Challenge badge: just take a look at the line of coloured cards on the side wall for some of the ambitious targets they’ve set themselves (although I’ll accept best efforts for one of the Cubs, who was intent on learning how to say ‘Hello’ in every language in the world). We’ve also been getting stuck into our Athletics badge, which saw everyone trying their hardest to beat some pretty stiff targets over the races.

Of course, the highlight of any Cub’s time in the Pack is the chance to get away on camp, which we did just last weekend. We had 15 filling up the tents at Bonaly, spending their day across a range of activities, challenges and all-round fun. Apologies for those who came back in need of multiple showers; if it’s any consolation, the leaders were just as much in need of a good scrubbing as well.

Naturally, I really must say thank you to all of our supporters: whether parents, leaders or just friends of the Pack, it would be impossible to go on without you. Particular thanks for Andrew, who joined us and already feels like a central part of the Pack. Also, a final respectful bow to Ruaraidh Campbell, who has come to the end of his time with us – he’s off to University in August and will be sorely missed by the Cubs. Best of luck for his future…and a poignant moment for me as I see one of the original members of the Pack, when I first joined, making his way into the grown-up world.

Here’s to another exciting year ahead!

Yours in Scouting

Guy (Akela)

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